Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fashion Show Cartoon

Judging a Fashion Show
Fashions, do they change? No. It's just the old becomes new and the new becomes old. Ultimately, it's not the fashion that changes, but the mindset. 

A Social Responsibility We All Have Towards Global Warming

Global warming image

Global warming is ruining the balance of our climate than it was never before. If 2016 was reported the warmest year ever recorded, it is no surprise as 2017 is going to smash that record soon. Around the world our consumption pattern needs a careful attention so as to reduce the impact on the environment.

 The more harm we do to the nature, the more problems it will create. The solution is not to escape to Mars, but that remedial measures taken by polluting industries. It has become a social responsibility and each one on the earth has to take that responsibility in his or her own way. 

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